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How are you doing? Take some deep breaths, and then think of how this week has been.

Mine has been busy with tests and prep for exams. With the bit of bandwidth left, I am writing this on Saturday evening. Reading through my emails, Oh, please do check your spam. I missed some emails, and it was painful. But we move.

The opening of this article caught my attention, and this explains how I currently feel.

Under stress, there are those who try harder, and there are those who lower their standards. Until very recently, the first response was considered a virtue, the second was considered a vice. The ongoing wave of burnout and people quitting or cutting back on work when they can afford to suggests this societal norm is shifting.” Mediocratopia: 11

So, this is me telling you to take breaks and rest. This is the sign you’ve been looking for.

*takes a break from writing this*

It is currently 11:19 pm. I am back at it.

So, this is me telling you to take breaks and rest. Rest from anything that stresses1 you. Take a break, from anything that does not bring happiness or joy into your life. Take time away from anything that is becoming toxic and no longer serves you.

When you take a break, try to have fun. David Perell explains it better

Instant Fun vs Deep Fun

There are two kinds of fun:

1) Instant Fun: What you experience during recess at school when you run around and do whatever you want.

2) Deep Fun: What you experience when you lift weights, where you find joy in challenge and struggle.

Don’t get me wrong: I'm all for Instant Fun because it enables a spontaneous, free-wheeling spirit of play and wonder and laughter.

That said, a society that knows only Instant Fun will succumb to instant gratification. It reminds me of my favorite episode of The Suite Life of Zach and Cody (yes, a Disney Channel show), where the two boys are allowed to do whatever they want for a week. The first few days are epic. They play non-stop sports and eat as much candy as they want. But after a few days, they have a major realization: "It turns out that having nothing but fun isn't actually so much fun."

The alternative is Deep Fun. In order to cultivate it, you must learn how to set long-term goals for yourself. Crucially, they have to be the ones you want to achieve — not the ones your parents or society is forcing upon you.

Deep Fun doesn't need to be work-related. It can be more like otium, the Latin word for leisure. But it’s not the American kind where you sit around and do nothing. It’s another kind of leisure where you read philosophy, have meaningful conversations, and consume great art. Since most progress and meaning comes from Deep Fun, those who can find joy in a worthy struggle of their choosing are unstoppable.

Finished 12:46 am on Sunday

And that wraps it up for this week. See you next Sunday.

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